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InaxiumJS is Available now (01/05/2017).


A Databinding and Data Store Framework written in ECMAScript 6. Made for Enterprise Environment's. Based on 30 years of experience for the Biggest Companies in the World .

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Inaxium Builder

Create Application. Based on InaxiumJS for the Frontend.
With a lightning fast Go Backend with Sugar from Inaxium to handle Data over Rest or Websockets stored in MongoDB or any other SQL Database.

=> Build an Application in Hours rather than a Month.

"Long term vision is our promise"

InaxiumJS is open Source.
But we are also offering Support
Development and other Services around our Software Stack.

"Can I compare InaxiumJS with AngularJS, React or Aurelia ?"

Yes, and no. InaxiumJS thinks more Enterprise.
It gives you Web Component Handling and Data Binding like the others.
But the way we achive this is completely different compared to others.

An Important Part of InaxiumJS is X-Tree.
Which is used to Manage and keep all Information about you Data
and Synchronize them with your GUI Elements.

X-Tree knows everything about your Data

ES6 Architecture and GO

InaxiumJS is written in ES6. The Inaxium Builder Produces only
ES6 code for the Frontend. Because, that is the Future.

Inaxium Builder produced GO Code for the Backend.
However, one of the next Releases will also produce code for Node.js and Java.

Check out the other pages to find out more.